Natrem - Natural Sleep Aid

What Are Benefits of a Natural Sleep Aid Like NatREM?

You may wonder why you should choose a natural sleep aid like NatREM when prescriptions medications work. First and foremost, natural sleep aids tend to cause fewer side effects and fewer drug interactions, although you should always consult with your primary care physician first to ensure it’s safe for you. Secondly, this natural sleep aid […]

Does NatREM Help People With Autism?

NatREM can help people with autism. Sleep issues occur in autistic individuals frequently. In fact, sleep issues occur in as many as 80 percent of children who have autism. The most common sleep problems that occur in people who have autism include difficulty falling asleep and frequently waking up through the night. These sleep issues […]

Is NatREM Safe to Take if You Have Bipolar Disorder?

Sleep disturbances are common in people who have bipolar disorder, both during the manic and depressant phases. During a manic phase, some people with bipolar disorder experience a decreased need for sleep or possible insomnia. On the other hand, throughout the depressant stage, a person may experience an increased need for sleep or possibly not […]

Is NatRem Safe for Dementia Patients?

Dementia can cause sleep issues and behavioral problems related to the night, although scientists aren’t quite sure why. Scientists speculate sleep issues and behavioral problems related to the evening may attribute to the following: Issues with internal body clock Physical and mental exhaustion Reduced light and increased shadows Reactions from nonverbal cues from those around […]

Does NatREM Cause Any Side Effects?

Typically, people respond well to NatREM. However, side effects are possible with this supplement just like any other natural sleep aid, but the side effects are usually milder than if you would take a prescription sleep aid. Digestive issues are one of the more common issues. You can expect digestive problems to subside as your […]

Is NatREM Safe If You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a possibly serious sleep disorder that causes your breathing to start and stop. You may feel tired when you wake up and experience daytime sleepiness. While NatREM for sleep apnea shouldn’t be your only course of treatment since you may need a CPAP or other breathing device, this supplement can help you […]

Does NatREM Reduce Snoring?

Snoring is the noise people make when air passes through relaxed tissue in their throat. The noise stems from the tissue vibrating as the air passes through. In many cases, snoring comes from an issue with the anatomy of the mouth or a health issue, although sleep deprivation is sometimes a culprit.   Fortunately, NatREM […]

What Are Possible Drug Interactions With NatREM?

You shouldn’t take NatREM with any sleep medications, tranquilizers, or mood-altering drugs. You may notice it puts you into a very deep sleep or decreases your respiration or heart rate too much. You could also experience mood changes when taking these types of medications with NatREM. You should also avoid taking NatREM with alcohol. As […]

Can NatREM Help Jet Lag?

Jet lag is an issue that occurs when you fly across time zones. As a general rule, you experience more significant cases of jet lag when you fly across more time zones. It occurs as a result of your body struggle to adjust to a different time zone because of your body’s natural cardiac rhythm. […]

How Long Does the Effects of NatREM Last?

This supplement continues to work as long as you take it. Your body doesn’t develop a tolerance for these ingredients because one is a hormone your body makes naturally. The others are natural herbs that don’t accumulate in your body and become less effective over time. As for the immediate effect, it varies from person […]

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