Natrem - Natural Sleep Aid

How Does NatREM Help You Sleep?

NatREM is a natural sleep aid that not only promotes a better night sleep but helps you get to sleep faster. You go into a deeper sleep, so you wake up feeling more refreshed. Additionally, this particular product allows you to relax, which is also beneficial to your sleep. Keep in mind, insomnia is a common […]

Can You Take NatREM for ADHD?

Often, people who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have issues organizing and managing their lives. It’s possible if you suffer from ADHD that you have issues with anxiety as well, especially if you don’t receive the proper treatment for your condition. Additionally, people who have ADHD might also have issues with their sleep habits. For […]

How Does Chamomile Help With Sleep?

Chamomile is one of the active ingredients in NatREM. As a natural sleep aid, chamomile helps promote sleep. People began using it centuries ago for a better night sleep. Chamomile is said to soothe the nervous system, which helps with sleep. In addition, it acts as a natural anxiety remedy. If you suffer from muscle spasms […]

What Is Valerian Root?

Valerian root is an herb that’s found in Europe and Asia. It’s thought to promote tranquility and enhance your quality of sleep. This particular ingredient consists of isovaleric acid and valeric acid, both of which improve your sleep. Valeric acid may increase the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is naturally known to quiet your brain’s […]

How Can L-Theanine Help With Sleep?

L-theanine is an amino acid. It’s naturally found in both green and black tea. Research indicates it enhances relaxation, but it doesn’t cause drowsiness. L-theanine relieves stress and helps you unwind. Studies show L-theanine isn’t just beneficial for people who have occasional, mild anxiety. Research actually shows L-Theanine is most beneficial to those who have high amounts […]

Does NatREM Work for Chronic Insomnia?

NatREM can help people with chronic insomnia. The formula works to naturally help you sleep. One of the ingredients in it is specifically for helping you relax and reduce your anxiety. It doesn’t just put you to sleep like a typical sleep aid. It’s ideal for chronic insomnia since it’s safe to take on a long-term […]

Is NatREM Addictive?

NatREM isn’t an addictive sleep aid. You won’t become physically addicted to this natural sleep aid because it doesn’t have any ingredients that are habit forming. However, you can become mentally addicted to taking this natural sleep aid. You might feel as though you need it even though you aren’t physically reliant upon it. You […]

Is NatREM Safe for Children?

Although all of the ingredients in this product are thought to be safe for children, this particular natural sleep aid is for adults. It hasn’t been studied in children. In fact, the dosages of the ingredients are higher than recommended for children. For instance, healthcare professionals only recommend children take between 2 to 5 mg of […]

Is NatREM Safe to Take During Pregnancy?

Natural sleep medications are ideal to take during pregnancy, but you must always consult with your obstetrician before you use any sleep aid, especially on a long-term basis. As of right now, research only shows 3 mg of melatonin per day is safe to take during pregnancy, which is more than the amount in NatREM. Additionally, […]

Can You Take NatREM for Anxiety?

Although most people benefit from this natural sleep aid because it promotes sleep, it’s also beneficial as a stress reducer. The ingredients in this product aren’t like Ambien, which causes you to go into a sleep. Instead, this product has ingredients that help you achieve a deeper level of sleep. These ingredients aren’t considered sedatives, […]

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