Our Ashwagandha is a natural anti-anxiety supplement made from ayurveda herbs. Specifically, it’s made with pure organic india ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs to help you stay calm. Our Ashwagandha root powder extract provides maximum Cortisol Relief, Adrenal Support and helps your Thyroid levels maintain homeostasis.

Can ashwagandha interact with other foods, supplements or medications?

According to research at the University of Michigan, there are no known interactions of ashwagandha with foods, supplements or medications. However, we always recommend that you consult your doctor prior to taking any new herbal supplements. University of Michigan Ashwagandha Study For additional product details, please view the product description section within the Ashwagandha page.  

How can ashwagandha improve my sexual function?

Researchers have found that this natural herb can help with sexual libido in both men and women. For females, ashwagandha provides increased sexual desire by providing better lubrication, more desirable orgasms and overall satisfaction. Fox News: Ancient herb ashwagandha gives boost to modern world There have been a number of different clinical studies showing Ashwagandha […]

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