Our Ashwagandha is a natural anti-anxiety supplement made from ayurveda herbs. Specifically, it’s made with pure organic india ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs to help you stay calm. Our Ashwagandha root powder extract provides maximum Cortisol Relief, Adrenal Support and helps your Thyroid levels maintain homeostasis.

Is your Ashwagandha “Certified Organic”?

Our product is made with certified organic ashwagandha. There is currently no 100% organic capsule on the market, so no product using a capsule can claim they are 100% certified organic. The largest supplier of capsules is in development of an organic capsule, but this has not been released on the market, thus no supplement […]

What is ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha also known as Withania Somnifera is an adaptogenic herb grown in India which possesses a wide range of health benefits that help bring your body into balance.  This product is perfect for people looking to reduce anxiety, relieve stress, elevate mood, support hormones, and boost the immune system. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can […]

Can I take ashwagandha while pregnant?

We recommend you speak with your primary care physicians before taking any supplement or herb when pregnant.. Always consult a doctor prior to taking herbs or other medications while pregnant.  

What are some of the benefits of regular consumption of ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for thousands of years. Studies have shown that this herb has a wide range of health benefits, including stress reduction, anxiety relief, reduction of inflammation and pain, immune system support and promotes overall health.  Studies have shown that ashwagandha is also recommended for men with infertility issues […]

How does ashwagandha help me to deal with stress levels?

Due to its natural properties, ashwagandha provides a calming effect and can minimize stress. The adrenal glands located on the tops of both kidneys are responsible for managing stress hormones. If your adrenals glands are stressed, it is difficult to manage the daily battles that life can throw you. Ashwagandha provides relaxation and calms the […]

Where is ashwagandha grown?

This ancient herb has been being used for hundreds of years. Ashwagandha grows throughout India.  The plant grows best in low elevations and dry, arid climates where many other plants cannot survive. Ashwagandha does not require large doses of fertilizers or manures. Our product comes from the roots of the Ashwagandha plant and is made […]

Can ashwagandha help me sleep?

Ashwagandha has natural, antioxidant properties that allow the body to reduce stress levels, relax, and ease anxieties that keep people up at night. The adrenal support allows the body to fight fatigue, so you’ll wake up rejuvenated, ready to start your day.  This herb, not only, helps promote a restful sleep but also, with the […]

How does ashwagandha provide adrenal support?

Adrenal glands are small, triangular glands that sit on top of both kidneys.  They are responsible for regulating blood sugar, managing stress hormones, and fighting fatigue. If your adrenals are stressed, you may experience morning fatigue, fogginess, lack of energy, after lunch sleepiness, blood sugar spikes, inability to handle daily stresses, disruption to sleep, and […]

How does ashwagandha help reduce cortisol levels?

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is also known as the “stress hormone,” that puts the body in “fight or flight” mode when necessary. The more stress our bodies feel, the more cortisol hormones are produced. Elevated cortisol can cause the body to experience high levels of stress, increased cravings, raise […]

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